Winter garden planning

Each of us has the desire to have our own winter garden. A room where there is enough light with a wonderful view of the surroundings. With our winter gardens, the sinergy of technical solutions, qualitative materials and precise assembly, you will fulfill your dreams as a whole.

First of all, you should ask yourself why you need the conservatory. Usually we choose a winter garden because of the need for space, where we will find the necessary rest for rest and relaxation. The decision about the winter garden can also follow as a need for an additional room, and we can solve this problem the fastest with the winter garden.

When the idea for the winter garden is ripe in us, it comes down to the experts who help us on the way to the implementation of the winter garden. The most important starting point is that the winter garden is adorned with the existing property.
Our experts have many years of experience with the planning and execution of winter gardens and will be happy to advise you. If you are dealing with a major intervention on the property, then you should still have an architect.

Which materials should you use?

We should seek advice from an expert on where we can get precise information about the advantages and disadvantages of the individual materials. Conservatories differ from each other and are unique products for each customer. Particularly important in the planning are the wishes of the customers, the route of use, the location, …

Our winter gardens are made of PVC materials, which means better thermal insulation. The steel construction, which is a basis of the winter garden, ensures the load-bearing capacity. Load-bearing construction must be strong enough that it can bear all possible loads. This is ensured by our experts, who make precise measurements and calculations of the required dimensions. The second very important thing are glass and PVC profiles, which should provide the best possible thermal insulation.
For skylights you use 8mm HARDENED glass (top), 16 mm spacers and 4 + 4 GLUED glass (bottom). This is basic glass, which we can expand with reflective glass or with three-layer glass.

Wall glass is typically 4-16-4; If desired, three-layer glass or glass for sound insulation can be used.

What should we know about ventilation, heating and cooling in the winter garden??

First of all, you should ensure natural ventilation, which means opening and closing the windows and doors regularly. With regard to the size and location of the winter garden, you determine the optimal way to open it (classic window, sliding door, folding door, …).
The winter garden is a room that should be used all year round, so we should provide the right heating in good time. The best is a combination of floor heating and classic heating.

Cooling of the winter garden in the summer months can be achieved with the sun visor (pleated sun blind for metalized roof, screen roller blind, the blinds, inner light screen, …)

For the transition periods, the best solution is the climate with a combined heating and cooling system.




Winter gardens


May 21, 2016